2022 Impact Report

Expanding environmental benefits through market-based solutions

Working forests serve as Georgia’s greatest asset in providing clean drinking water, offsetting carbon emissions, and sustaining habitat for wildlife and biodiversity.

We are focused on identifying market-based solutions that empower forest landowners and managers to better manage their forests while increasing the sustainability and resilience of the state’s largest land use.

We are supporting forest landowner’s understanding of carbon markets. 

This spring we developed Carbon101 to serve as an online repository of trusted information for landowners and GFA members about carbon markets.

  • Self-paced online course
  • Expert-vetted/created reading and video materials

Birding Access Permit Program

We’re launching a new ecosystem services market to support the forestry economy.

  • Connecting birding enthusiasts with working forest landowners across the state
  • Growing an alternative revenue source for working forest owners while educating on how to manage land for bird habitat
  • Providing birders with more places to explore and education on how working forests support birding habitat

Key Partners & Sponsors



We are supporting efforts to empower private forest landowners across the U.S. South.

Since 2018, GFF has supported Keeping Forests, a public-private partnership focused on create the conditions necessary to conserve the 245 million acres of forestland in the South and the values they provide to citizens across 13 southern states.

Urbanization is the greatest threat to private forests. The partnership’s strategies are focused on conserving forests by promoting, expanding and catalyzing markets for traditional forest products (like innovative paper and packaging and mass timber) and ecosystem services (like carbon and water).

Learn more at www.keepingforests.org.

Reaching Beyond Boundaries to Create and Communicate About New Markets

GFF Presentations:

American Water Works Association Conference

Our work on the Forests & Water Connection Initiative to  , propelled by the fact that healthy working forests clean our water.

Southern Group of State Foresters Meeting


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